Foley Entertainment review of "Redux in Red"

Scorecard rating scale: "1" Lowest score, "5" Highest score

Lyrics: 4.5
Music Composing: 4.5
Vocals : 5
Musicianship: 5
Melodies : 4.5
Production: 4
Overall Score: 4.5 

This is a serious band – total professionals across the board. This is a highly skilled, experienced group with no weaknesses. Many other bands could only dream of bringing this level of talent to the table. 

-Eugene Foley (01 May 2016)

"Family Affair" Reviewed by and awarded the GrIndie!

A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD.

RadioIndy is pleased to present Garfan with a GrIndie Award for the CD "Family Affair".

Garfan’s "Family Affair" is a high energy alternative rock album highlighted with the impressive female vocals of Kaity Preston. This album is a nice throwback for those who remember when rock & roll meant something. The clean production on this album works well for this genre, and allows the driving rhythm section, which makes your head nod and foot tap, cut through the mix. The songs on “Family Affair” all have a great rock feel and are carried by catchy lyrics you’ll be singing along to in no time. The heavy drum pattern and melodic guitar work on "Dwell" is reminiscent of such female fronted rock bands as Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Airplane. "Had to Die" takes a much different approach than most of the rest of the album, with a heavy Rage Against the Machine kind of guitar riff and soulful lyrics. Overall this is a great effort from an up-and-coming band, especially for fans of bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Blind Melon and newer alternative rock bands such as Flyleaf.

-Ross Shotland (01 Dec 2008)

Foley Entertainment review of "Family Affair"

Scorecard rating scale: "1" Lowest score, "5" Highest score

Recording Quality/Production: 4
Lead Vocals: 4.5
Musicianship: 4.5
Lyric Writing: 4
Music Composing: 4
Melodies: 5
Song Arrangement: 3.5
Quality & Completeness of Press Kit: 4.5

My favorite Garfan song was Track 7, "Mantrap." The band's rhythm section is tight, the guitar work tasteful and well done and the singer performs with confidence and charm. I don't give out 4's and 5's easily, so any of those you see, you have earned. Nice work Dale!

-Eugene Foley (31 Mar 2009)

"Family Affair" Reviewed by Overground Underground's music critic

Nebraska-based Rockers Garfan Bring Back Memories of Alternative Nation

Nebraska-based modern rockers Garfan piece together parts of Alternative Nation past and present and manage to weave their obvious influences into something quite listenable. Vocalist Katie Preston is a bit of a chameleon, shifting singing styles depending on the varying directions of the band. Against a wall of guitar fuzz a la Smashing Pumpkins, Preston channels the Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde on “I’ve Been Waiting,” delivering despondent lines like, “I’ve been waiting so long/For someone like you,” with palpable yearning. On “My Life,” Preston sounds eeriely similar to the late Patty Donahue of the Waitresses (“I Know What Boys Like”), offering New Wave swagger amidst the crunchy guitars. “Stand Up,” on the other hand, finds Preston in a feral mode not to far off from Blondie’s Deborah Harry (program “One Way or Another” after it). Yes, Garfan are on the retro side but the kids probably won’t notice and certainly the grown-ups have an appetite for nostalgia that never seems to be satisfied. Certainly Garfan are an enjoyable alternative to the parade of pale-skinned emo wussies cutting-edge radio stations are continuing to worship. The psychedelic riffs of “Deborah” and the slash-and-burn Pixies charge of “Of Course I Do” rock harder than much of what is selling at Hot Topic today.

-Kit Burns (05 Sept 2008)